Accubits Partners With WealthIntel

To Transform Commerce With Proprietary Uses Of AI & Blockchain Technologies

Accubits Technologies is in alliance with WealthIntel Inc to build a classified system named WIT aka W$T, with the cutting edge integration to its proprietary application of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. The consent between the Accubits Technologies and WealthIntel is in the development of specific components of the technology involved in the WIT System which remains classified and is in the development phase at the moment.

WealthIntel Inc. is a USA technology company that designs and develops software and proprietary new intelligent systems, methods, and applications.

WealthIntel privy described the WIT system as a unique intelligent method of payment, finance, and smart commerce meant to provide the public technologically advanced special and unmatched products and services.

Apart from addressing the implementation and interaction of certain enabled technical elements, Accubits will be actively involved in identifying, solving and architecting some of the most important and challenging aspects of the value chain of WIT system.

Fabrizio Boccardi CEO of WealthIntel stated; “We are always looking forward to adding smart innovators to our team capable of thinking out-of-the-box, who understand and appreciate WIT’s core mission to focus on providing unrivaled services with the best user-friendly customer experience through the proprietary applications and uses of cutting-edge innovations. We think Accubits can help us in formulating and probing WIT and we are looking forward to the collaboration

WealthIntel anticipates that the system will be accessible for the US market within a few more years of development. WealthIntel is betting that under its lead and direction Accubits expertise can help to spearhead evolution and develop vanguard methods and technologies to support pioneering proprietarily uses of AI and Blockchain, which are, among others, cornerstone features, of the value proposition of WIT.

Jithin VG, CEO of Accubits stated that;  WealthIntel’s perception is remarkably visionary and we are excited about the potentiality of WIT in the market. We recognize that execution is key to success and we are committed to using all our expertise and proficiency to help in the formulation of the WIT System.