Kyoto Protocol Partners With Accubits Technologies To Launch World’s First DeFi Carbon Credit System has partnered with Accubits Technologies to develop its layer one blockchain. The Kyoto blockchain aims to improve, scale, and accelerate the outdated carbon credit industry while supporting the adoption of Regenerative Finance through a suite of optimized dApps and infrastructure to enable ReFi projects to build. The Kyoto network will be the world’s first blockchain to be optimized to scale two industries crucial to the survival of the human population, Regenerative Finance & Carbon emission trading. As more and more people and companies look for solutions to slow down the impact of climate change, the Kyoto blockchain offers a strong value proposition to a problem that grows every day.

The Kyoto blockchain will allow businesses, users, and even blockchains to passively earn carbon offset in the form of certified carbon emissions credits or reward tokens by third-party applications built on the Kyoto blockchain. Implementing the best DeFi has to offer, optimizing solutions that enable its users, web2 and Web3 companies to look at alternative options to passively offset carbon emissions at little to no cost, is the driving force for the Kyoto Blockchain to become the home of ReFi. 

“Accubits have a great track record working with a host of leading companies from an array of sectors. Since the inception of our partnership, they’ve been fully supportive in advising and supplying what we need. It made sense to have such a reputable partner build our layer one blockchain; – The home of ReFi. Knowing comfortably in the back of our minds that security, scrutiny, scalability and amongst all, a commitment to deliver our mission as a collective, on time and to our growing community.” Said Mr. Ashton Hunt, CEO of Kyoto Protocol.

Kyoto’s regenerative finance (ReFi) model focuses on the power of blockchain and web3 to address climate change, support conservation and biodiversity, and create a more equitable and sustainable financial system. aims to become the first Refi solution to be adopted mainstream. 

“We are excited to work on this world-leading protocol and build the home of ReFI, and the time is right to help revolutionize the outdated carbon credit industry. We firmly believe that will disrupt this market for the better and are honored to work with them on realizing this.” Said Mr. Adam Funnell, VP of Business Development, Accubits Technologies EMEA.