Pandemic Management System From International Consortium Aims To Reopen The Live Events Industry

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the live event sector has witnessed a significant deterioration in popularity. As the world slowly begins to embrace the ‘new normal’ post the pandemic, organizations are searching for ways to revive the live entertainment industry. To this end, an international consortium led by Dragon Gateway, in collaboration with Accubits Technologies Inc, FutureTech, Nexus Digital Technology, and Global PPE Solutions, has launched a pandemic management solution, Rebuild the Chain (RTC) focusing on the events industry.

RebuildTheChain is a system that can be used to control the spread of the pandemic. It has innovative features like automated contact tracing, exposure analysis, spread probability analysis, self-diagnosis, and case management. Additionally, RTC Sport and RTC Entertainment are two applications that have been developed specifically for live sporting and entertainment events. The applications allow for the creation of a ‘COVID-free zone’ around a venue. These zones are guaranteed to be completely safe from infected people or surfaces. The main points of similarity between the applications is that they both harness the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of rapid test kits (98.6% accuracy), a mobile app, appropriate PPE, and the security of blockchain technology.

The applications ensure complete data protection and privacy and are fully compliant with GDPR. All the information stored in the application is data encrypted and protected by its internal firewall. The integrity of users’ data is also protected from unauthorized internal access as it is stored on a blockchain network.

Through a global network of contacts and suppliers, RTC provides its users with all of the latest safety technology, such as thermal cameras, sanitizer mist tunnels, etc. to ensure the public feels as safe as possible. Real-time test kits are employed during live events to detect and identify any users who have tested positive for the coronavirus. After testing, the user’s health status is immediately uploaded to their smartphone.

This status is verified by stewards at a COVID-free zone checkpoint, and again at the ticket collection venue. Only the users who have tested negative for the virus will be able to gain entry. Measures like this can help ensure that there is no chance of infection for the people who attend live events. With the aim of enabling audiences to safely return to sports, festivals, concerts, and even B2B conferences and exhibitions, Dragon Gateway further claims to be in contractual discussions to deploy RTC across entire nations.

About Dragon Gateway

Dragon Gateway is a renowned digital transformation accelerator and funding portal. The company collaborates with various international entrepreneurial organizations that focus on blockchain technology. They are actively working with and representing top Asian VCs through several exclusive partnerships

About FutureTech

We Are Future Tech is a Joint Venture company that has three founding partners. It was formed with the goal of combining the collective companies’ expertise, resources, and infrastructure to better serve its clients, particularly large enterprise clients.

About Nexus

Nexus is a healthcare application that focuses on wellbeing and prevention instead of sick care and treatment. The app uses the latest in Blockchain technology to ensure the safety and security of data and information. They aim to shape the future of global healthcare and establish sustainable smart health communities.