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Guided Proposal Creation

You can modify the generated content, such as functionality requirements, to make it more relevant to your project requirements, and the tool generates the rest of the proposal relevant to the changes you made, making the final document closer to your requirements. It offers guided automation for proposal creation to get what you need quickly.

    Hyper Detailed Contents

    The tool generates a hyper-detailed, content-rich document. Includes executive summary, solution overview, functional requirements, user stories, user persona, potential enhancements, stakeholder definitions, user goals recommendations, technical architecture, recommended tech stack, sequence diagrams, empathy map recommendations, UX recommendations, and more

    What Included?

    Generate sophisticated proposal documents covering everything from the executive summary to sequence diagrams, functional requirements to user flow diagrams. The proposal supports the following;

    Executive summary & Solution overview

    The proposal document is generated with an Executive Summary and Solution Overview based on the inputs and generated functional requirements. A concise description of what is covered in the proposal.

    Functional Requirements

    The tool generates detailed functional requirements based on the project category and the key features provided by the user. It allows the user to modify the functional requirements to match their requirements.

    User Stories & User Personas

    Based on the functional requirements detailed user stories are created along with the acceptance criteria. The tool also generated user persona for the product, that helps to come up with the best UI/UX for the product.


    It also generates potential enhancements, user goals recommendations, product objectives, customer problem map recommendations, Recommended project development methodology and Sitemap definition

    Product Architecture

    The tool recommends deployment architecture components based on the nature of the product and the functionalities. It also creates and includes architecture diagrams for the proposal document.

    Recommended Tech stack

    Based on the nature of the product, the tool recommends what tech stack to be used in the product. It recommends the backend and frontend frameworks, databases, infrastructure, etc.

    Sequence Diagrams, Security Guidelines

    The tool creates sequence diagrams for the product's different functionalities and recommends the security guidelines and best practices that need to be considered for the development.

    CI/CD and Quality Assurance

    The tool recommends a CI/CD, continuous integration, and continuous delivery pipeline for the product. It also recommends essential quality assurance checks to ensure the product's success.

    UX Recommendations

    Based on the product requirements the proposal also incorporates UI component recommendations, UX recommendations, Style guide recommendations, Page recommendation and UX strategies

    Value Addons

    The tool also generates detailed evaluation for Empathy map recommendations, Accessibility options recommendations, Logo suggestions, Brand guidelines recommendations.

    GTM Strategies

    The document includes Buyer persona definitions, High level marketing plan, Content strategy definition, Website/micro copy recomendations, Monetisation strategy recommendations

    Strategy Templates

    The generated proposal also includes templates customised for the product for SWOT analysis, Buyer persona, Marketing plan, Empathy map, and more.