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Market-leading Whitelabel Neobanking Solution

Experience the future of digital banking with our neobanking solution.

Tailored to meet your Needs

Tailored for your Needs

You can freely customize the whitelabel neobank platform design, features, and capabilities to meet your business demands.

User Friendly Platform

User Friendly Platform

Deliver seamless banking experience with secure money transfers, digital onboarding, automation across processes, and more.

Rich Feature & Integrations

Rich Features & Integrations

We have everything you need to launch a scalable neobanking platform, from customizable modules to new feature integration.

Fueling 1,00,000 Firms with Smarter Banking

Delivering the banking experience the way you’ve always wanted - effortless, automated & better.

Way of the old banking

A plain bank account without any extra benefits to customers.
Payout initiation requires a laborious beneficiary addition process.
Even business expenses are processed with a personal credit card.
Using one credit card to manage team expenses takes too much time.
Manual monitoring of account entries is needed across transactions.
Fueling 1,00,000 Firms with Smarter Banking

Way of Neobanking

A bank account with the remittance, accounting & expense management.
Initiate direct payouts without adding beneficiaries.
Separate business & personal expenses with different accounts.
Set limits & manage virtual & expense VISA cards for your team.
Automated management of payments & expenses in real-time.

Whitelabel Neobank Platform

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Offers your customers an easy way to collect & track payments

Our virtual banking solution is built to cater to each customer's unique needs, so it comes with all the tools your users need to collect and track payments seamlessly.

legally compliant invoices with payment links

Create & send legally-compliant invoices with payment links

Easiest payment gateway integration with less code
Android and IOS mobile SDK

Android & iOS SDKs are available for secure payment
track payments

Track your payments with ease via a virtual account
Offers your customers an easy way to collect & track payments
Increase cash flow by reducing obstacles during vendor & salary payouts

Increase cash flow by reducing obstacles during vendor & salary payouts

With a single tap, you can make bulk payouts to vendors and salary payouts to employees. All you need is a simple file upload within the dashboard.

Adding beneficiaries

You don’t need to waste time adding payment beneficiaries

Bulk bank transfer

Carry out a single or bulk bank transfer with ease

Account refunds

Set up on-the-spot account refunds

Get payout APIs

Get payout APIs to simplify your banking

Smart features make accounting really simple

The built-in accounting feature automates your income, expenses, and bookkeeping reports with a business account. What’s more? You can even sync your account with third-party accounting solutions for a smoother process.

auto categorize payments

Automatically categorize your income & expenses

account payables receivables

Keep track of account payables & receivables

Cash flow statements

Generate cashflow statements, P&L reports & more

third party plugins

Get plugins for third party accounting softwares

Smart features make accounting really simple

Whitelabel Neobank Platform Features

Our whitelabel neobank platform lets you issue branded cards, introduce savings and loans, allow domestic and cross-border money transfers, digitally onboard users, and more. On top of that, it offers back-office features to enable secure and compliant operations.

Digital Onboarding of Users

Digital Onboarding of Users

Completely automate digital onboarding of users via mobile application. Its advanced SCA technology for proof of identity keeps your data fully secure.

Back Office Systems

Back Office System

Gain control over user management, fees, account creation, and bank transactions with an extensive back-office admin dashboard.

easily customizable

Suited for Retails & Businesses

Bend your neobank platform to make it suitable for retail and corporate banking with the easy-to-customize modular technology.

Virtual & Physical Cards

Virtual & Physical Cards

We have global partners to help you issue branded virtual and physical cards globally.

saving and lending

Savings & Lending

The powerful accounts module enables instant loans, automated savings, BNPL, and salary advances.

currency exchange

Currency Exchange

It supports multiple fiat and crypto, making it easier to implement remittance, crypto investments, etc.

Neobanking Platform

Experience smarter banking

Start managing all your banking, payments, accounting, and expenses in one place - in just a few minutes. Connect with our experts to get a free demo of the whitelabel neobank platform!

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Frequently asked questions

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What exactly is a Neobank?

A neobank is a class of digital banks with no branches. It has no physical location. It operates only in the digital space. Neobank consists of financial service providers who aid tech-savvy customers with fintech solutions. Neobanks are fintech firms that provide mobile banking services such as payments, transactions, lending/borrowing, etc. Neobanks do not have licenses but depend on bank partners to provide bank-licensed services.

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Neobanking is significantly different from digital banking. They work based on the “Banking as a Service” model. The BaaS model allows non-banks to integrate with banks via APIs and thus offer core financial services to their customers. Currently, a combination of these three entities creates the neobanking system:

  • A non-licensed fintech that has partnered with a traditional bank or financial institution. The fintech uses a wrapper around the products and services of the partner bank. The wrapper uses the branding of the fintech, along with its additional services.
  • Traditional banks with a modern outlook or customer-centric digital initiatives.
  • Licensed neobanks with digital banking licenses. They exist as a standalone entity without tying up with a traditional bank. It is possible only in countries that allow such standalone digital entities to operate in their country.

Most Neobanks do not have a bank license; they partner with them. The bank provides a platform enabling core banking services. In turn, neobanks build a layer of digital products and services to counter the legacy system that most banks have in place. This layer makes banking services much more accessible, flexible, and scalable. Neobanking apps help customers access this layer.

The scale of online transactions increases daily, and digital financial services are in demand. So, it's easy to see the appeal of neobanks. Neobanks aid in online transactions like cheque depositing or peer-to-peer payments with lesser fees than traditional banks. Down below are some pros that make a customer shift to neobank.

  • Instant account creation with very few formalities.
  • Payouts can be carried out directly from business accounts without the addition of beneficiaries.
  • Interest-bearing accounts benefit from high-interest rates.
  • Tracking and management systems for both business and personal spending.
  • Scalable banking services are provided anytime and from anywhere in the world.

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The development phases are a concern for neobanking starts; hence we've given a few steps to guide entrepreneurs to achieving a successful development process.

  • Define your target audience and value proposition
  • Create a fundamental basis for a neobank
  • Procure regulatory approval and licensing
  • Build the backend infrastructure and frontend platform
  • Maintain neobank security and compliance
  • Testing the platform
  • Actual deployment
  • Adapt and expand the platform's reach through your marketing efforts

Though this seems straightforward, neobanking platform development requires professional consultation and help.

With a product like CoinFactory, you can simplify, speed up and automate every aspect of your digital finance operations. It can manage everything from payment receiving and cash flow management to payment reconciliation and flexible payouts.

  • Save upto 10x time on instant payouts with minimal effort.
  • Deliver a flawless customer experience.
  • Gain access to a unified dashboard that can help you govern, track, and retrieve insights on all forms of money transactions.
  • Its advanced financial tools help you manage and monitor cash flow to vendors, customers, employees, etc.

The cost of launching a neobanking platform with CoinFactory depends on the personalization and configuration requirements you need. Consult with us today to get a detailed cost estimate.

If only basic customization is needed, you can launch a neobank platform within a week. We will also incorporate the branding and customization add-ons you need within that time.

Whitelabel Neobank

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