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CoinFactory is an award winning, battle-tested, fully compliant, self-hostable and ultra scalable security and utility token issuance platform. It has already been used by more than 25 ICOs and has raised a total of more than 340 million USD. It also supports token issuance in four different blockchains - Ethereum, Stellar, EOS and Tezos. CoinFactory comes with all the required marketing features to launch a successful ICO. Also, in a time where ICOs find it difficult to raise funds, CoinFactory’s unique but optional milestone feature helps ICOs regain investors' trust. It gives legit ICOs an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the fraudulent ones and attract the right investors. CoinFactory also has a post-ICO investor management platform to facilitate multi-tier investor reporting, KPI tracking and community management.



Intuitive Investor On-boarding

Innovative & user friendly dashboard to make your investors participate in the sales for acquiring tokens.

  • Two stage token purchases
  • Supporting upto 14 tokens with provision for transactions through credit cards & bank to bank.
  • Private sale of tokens through concierge services.


All In One ICO Marketing

Built-in ICO marketing features for better usability.

  • Included bonus system
  • Efficient referral system
  • Airdrop

Enterprise-Level Admin Dashboard

Customized built-in administration dashboard for managing token sales activities with in-depth analytics & predictive insights.

  • Complete in-depth analytics
  • Easy customization made possible
  • Customization & management of smart contracts


Milestone Contact To Regain Investors Trust

Clearly differentiates legitimate ICO's from fraudulent one's & helps to attract right investors for the token sales

  • Helps to create custom milestones for the projects
  • Community polling features
  • Provided with in-built milestone templates for easy creation


360 degree compliance

Fully compliant with SEC & FCA regulations having in-built features to handle regulatory policies

  • Completely supports upto six different KYC providers
  • Certified & accredited investor review
  • Smart handling of investor contracts





CoinFactory is fully tested, compliant & secure utility token issuance platform. Till day it had been utilized by over 25 ICO's and has raised a total of $340+ million US dollars. It is fully compatible with blockchain based token issuance platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, EOS & Tezos. CoinFactory helps to raise funds by regaining investors trust with its milestone feature. Thereby, it helps to clearly differentiate legitimate ICO's from the fraudulent one's. It also comes up with post-investor functionality for multi-level KPI tracking & community management.

Used by 27 ICOs & raised $340M
Proven security & utility token issuance
Fully compliant with SEC & FCA
Included post ICO investor management platform
Completely supports milestone based funding
Accepts upto 10+ cryptos & FIAT




Know how distributed ledger technology implements collaborative strategies for industry-wide business transformations. Smart ledgers influences the way business transactions are done at real time. Decentralized technology delivers better reliability & credibility between business partners & customers. In a way, blockchain is considered as a hyperledger fabric for transactions carried out across international borders. Learn how accubits blockchain expertise enables businesses to stay connected through data storage and cryptocurrency exchange products and services.

ICO's are launched by blockchain startups to raise funds to develop and deploy their project and to meet the operations costs for a few initial years. Since, 2013 we have seen several ICO's and reverse ICO come and go, many of those have succeeded and even more have failed.

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So, you’re thinking about starting your own ICO? Well, let’s go one step at a time. You should have written up a white paper describing your goals, what you aim to achieve, how the project got to where it is now and what the investors can expect from it. 

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On April 25, 2018, OKEX, the third largest Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange in the world was forced to suspend all ERC20 tokens after the developers discovered a bug called BatchOverFlow that made the tokens vulnerable. Malicious parties could generate a large number of tokens and deposit that into a regular address.

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Read more White papers, research reports and resources about how blockchain is transforming the business industries. Blockchain Technology can be used to solve problems across international board. It can help a business increase sales, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis etc. From conversational tools to driverless cars, distributed ledger technology in various shapes and forms is transforming industries.

General Tokenization Manifesto proposes a standard to conduct ICO and STO so as to empower the ICO community to be self-policing so that the problems faced in the ICO domain today, such as scams and high fail rate of ICOs can be solved.... 

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Company A is based in USA, focusing on the energy sector and plans to expand the business by selling renewable energy infrastructure to other organizations. However, the company did not have the capital required (approx $30MM) to expand the business.  

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SEC has now made it crystal clear that virtually all ICOs are securities and they want to define a path forward for the industry through rigorous enforcement. Simply put, the commission wants all ICOs conducted for fundraising in the U.S. to be brought into...

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